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Tailoring custom applications along with maintenance and up gradation of the existing applications is the utmost requirement in the world of competition. The most challenging factors which creep up are the time-lines and the cost management. It is therefore necessary to overcome such situations so that the enterprise can not only cope with the current trends but also survive in the competitive market by concentrating on the core sector of the business.

The best probable solution is to collaborate with professional service providers who can concentrate on designing and creating custom applications within the limited time frame using most cost effective methods. This requires a proper understanding of the functional requirements of the clients along with their budget and time bindings. It is inevitable that an aggressive approach in learning the modern technologies and aligning them with the client’s requirements is important. With a flexible resource management and the ability to anticipate changes and incorporate them in the process of development of life-cycle custom software, Brainsoft comes up with the best enterprise solutions in the most cost efficient methods.

The different solutions that we provide are:

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Web Development
  • Web 2.0/Social Networking
  • Outsourced Product Development
  • Migration & Porting
  • Q/A & Testing

The different solutions that we provide have subcategories and tailored for different requirements of the clients. Pertaining to the market trends and the upcoming requirements of the clients, Brainsoft excels in providing business solutions and provides customized software solutions and services every single time!

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Brainsoft is a pleasure to work with. They have a tremendous amount of patience and is focused on delivering the results that meet your needs and that you can get excited about. Their response time is terrific and they makes applications a painless process by collaborating with you to create the exact type of product you had envisioned.

Mr. Inder Pal
(I K Imports, Canada)