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Brainsoft is based on the vision of providing the best software services and solutions for the clients and dedicated to redefine the IT outsourcing experience. Designing custom life-cycle software for the companies in a limited time frame and in the most cost effective way is challenging and requires a profound knowledge of modern technologies. Brainsoft has a team of highly skilled and professional who are committed to deliver with a focused approach and test driven developments along with buddy testing.

The centers of excellence for the Brainsoft team are:
  • J2ME Application Development: J2ME is used for development of mobile applications and Brainsoft has the required level of expertise to use this technology and serve the needs of our clients belonging to the Telecom industry.
  • Microsoft Technologies: There are various Microsoft technologies which either have their own functions to play in various kinds of enterprise application development (example: SharePoint) or work in a collaboration with other technologies. Brainsoft has high degree of expertise in those state-of-art technologies to cater to the needs of the enterprises (clients).
  • JAVA/J2EE: When it comes to server side enterprise systems and enterprise applications, we use our use our expertise in JAVA/J2EE to provide our clients with custom lifecycle applications and products. Essentially, JAVA is used for server side enterprise systems and J2EE (JAVA 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) is used for designing, development, assembly and finally deployment of the enterprise application by using a component based approach.
  • Joomla: Joomla is a form of Open Source content management system and is used for publishing contents on the World Wide Web and the intranet. With a proper expertise in Joomla we harness the features like page caching, website search, news flash etc. to help our clients with content management.
  • Drupal: This is a modular framework and is component of content management system. It is written by using the programming language, PHP. We possess a high degree of expertise in Drupal and by using the same we help our clients to organize and create content, automate the administrative tasks for the client, customize presentations and manage site visitors.
  • Alfresco: We have an expert team for Alfresco who helps the clients with content management. Alfresco, which is an Open Source product is used by us to provide modularity and scalability to the business requirements of our clients. It gives a content repository (which is a web portal framework) for the usage and management of the content.
  • PHP: Using our expertise on this computer scripting language (PHP) we efficiently cater to the needs of web development and management of our clients.
  • SharePoint: We have a high degree of expertise in SharePoint. Using SharePoint, we provide facilities for document management function and collaboration via web portals. This is done by providing a shared documents repository which is centralized and also providing their management and administration which is browser based. Document libraries are created which can be subject to collaborative editing via sharing. Brainsoft uses this cutting edge technology from Microsoft for document management for our clients.

Whether the enterprise belongs to Banking or Finance, Retail or E-Commerce, the customized solutions lie with us. The centers of excellence from Brainsoft make use of these cutting edge technologies to ensure that the clients get the services which can value add to their products and services in the most cost effective ways. Competence and innovation forms the base of the services we provide. We excel in these and provide the clients the leading edge in the competitive market where there are numerous enterprises competing with each other.

Whether it is designing life cycle and user interface of mobile information device profile application (for the telecom industry) or designing websites or even developing multi-tier Java software running on application server, Brainsoft’ centers of excellence makes sure that the requirements are met in the most use friendly and efficient way. With the professional services that we provide, the enterprises can concentrate on their core business and provide the best customer experience in the vast arena of the competitive market!

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Brainsoft is a pleasure to work with. They have a tremendous amount of patience and is focused on delivering the results that meet your needs and that you can get excited about. Their response time is terrific and they makes applications a painless process by collaborating with you to create the exact type of product you had envisioned.

Mr. Inder Pal
(I K Imports, Canada)